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Delivery Schedule


Essential Delivery Information  
All delivery scheduled are based on Singapore time & date.

Additional delivery charges can be made via our ‘e-payment’ page which is accessible from the link on the top of our webpage

We will make every effort to deliver the order to the recipient personally. However, order may be duly received and signed by a third party at the address or received by a neighbour to confirm the delivery under the following conditions:

  1. Delivery to hospital, hotel, government sectors, private clubs etc.
  2. Residential or commercial premises with tight security where it is not possible for our deliveryman to deliver personally.
  3. When the recipient is not around to receive the order.
Delivery Guarantee  
We make every effort to deliver your order on time, however, due to unpredictable traffic condition and unforeseen circumstance, the delivery may be out of the requested time range result in non-delivery, Green Grasseswill upon your request, send a complimentary arrangement of equivalent value to the recipient you designate.

In rare cases of late or non-delivery due to circumstances beyond our control such as acts of God, natural disasters, violent/war like situations, etc. will not be considered as a violation of agreement. No refund will be given in the above stated circumstances due to the perishable nature of the products and the costs involved.

Green Grasseswill not accept responsibilities for late or non-deliveries under the following conditions:-
  1. The recipient address provided is incorrect.
  2. Insufficient or invalid delivery information was given.
  3. No such person at the given address.
  4. Recipient is not present and no one else present to receive the delivery on behalf of the recipient.
  5. Refusal of any gifts by the recipient.
  6. We are denied access at the residential or business premise due to tight security.
  7. Customer had provided wrong date or time of delivery.
  8. Recipient already discharge from hospital.
  9. The funeral ceremony is over.

All customers must make sure that the recipient will be at the location on the date & time given on the order form for delivery.

Recipient is not in  

In case that the recipient is not present at time of delivery, the gifts will be left with somebody willing to receive on behalf of the recipient, such as colleague, family members, friends or neighbours.

All unsuccessful delivered gifts will be either leave it at the door step or returned to Green Grasses.

Redirection & Redelivery Charges


If the first delivery is not success, an additional redirection/redelivery charge of $15 will be applicable. Alternatively, the customer or recipient may collect the item from Green Grasses’s retail outlet.

Due to some delivery schedule, we might not able to accept redirection requested by recipient or customer.   

However, if a second delivery is required at a much later time than the original, the freshness cannot be guaranteed.

If redelivery is not made on the same day or the next day, please note that we will have to replace your order to ensure that only the freshest gifts are sent to the recipients. This order is chargeable at 30% discount off the original price.

The redirection or redelivery will be processed only after extra payment is received.

Restricted Areas


We provide all standard delivery to local address in mainland Singapore only. Additional charges will be imposed for the following restricted areas. You are required to call Green Grasses at +(65)67531696 , +(65) 86137702 for further confirmation, we reserve the right to turn down your request if resources are not available.
  1. Airport (Addition $20)
  2. Army camps (Addition $20)
  3. Jurong Island (Addition $30)
  4. Sentosa (Addition $20)

If the requested delivery address is particularly remote which is not stated above, there may be an extra delivery charge.

Please note that there will be no delivery to off-shore or certain restricted area due to security reason such as PSA ports, cruise ships, planes, trains or military restricted areas unless approval is pre-applied by the sender.

Delivery Charges for Add-On Items


Additional delivery charges of $15 will be imposed per destination per delivery date for items selected from Add-On page without purchase any items from other categories. However, there will be no extra delivery charge if the Add-On item is purchased together with another product selected from other categories.

Urgent Delivery Charges


If delivery is to be made within 2 or 3 hours after confirmation, there will be additional charges of $10 or $5 respectively.

Please call Green Grasses at +(65)67530016 for these special deliveries, we will try to accommodate your request.

Change of Delivery address requested by customer before delivery


Due to some delivery schedule, we might not able to accept your redirection requested.


To change the delivery address, please call +(65)67531696 , +(65) 86137702 to inform us, follow by email us at custsvc@greengrasses.sg with your Transaction ID which is stated on the receipt.

Additional redirection/redelivery charges

  • No extra charge if the change of delivery address is made before the delivery scheduled, and the amended address is in mainland Singapore (except restricted area) and within our standard delivery time zone.

  • In the event that a re-direction to a new address is made after the delivery scheduled, a $15 extra charge will be levied. (More charges will be imposed if the amended address is in restricted area or not in the standard delivery time zone.) 
Extra Delivery Policy for Valentine’s Day Period  
All detours or re-delivery will be placed in low priority. They might be delivered either at night or even the next day.

Please note that there will be no delivery to the following restricted areas during Valentine’s Day Period (8th Feb-15th Feb).

  1. Airport
  2. Army camps
  3. Jurong Island

Delivery status during Valentine’s Day Period (8th Feb-15th Feb) will not be shown until 16th February.

Delivery Status / Order History  
You may view your order history or delivery status by login into your member’s page and go to "My Account" .
Payment for extra delivery charges  

Additional delivery charges can be made via our ‘e-payment’ page which is accessible from the link on the top of our webpage. The redirection or redelivery will be processed only after extra delivery payment is received.

Should you have further enquiries on our delivery charges or policies, please do not hesitate to call Green Grasses at +(65)67531696 , +(65) 86137702 or email us at enquiry@greengrasses.sg